Renowned French philosopher and linguist Roland Barthes believes “poems cannot be translated”, a proposition indicating that globalization of a poem and perception of it by people speaking languages other than that of the poet is a very complex, if not impossible task.

Instead, Barthes suggests translators should recreate the poems, a proposition still involving translators as middlemen between the poet and his audience, though better than translation.

Maybe this is the best reason why Kako Band has come up with a new suggestion for its music style. That is, trying to reach a point where there is no need for a middleman between the creator and the audience and thus creating the opportunity for globalization and reaching out to audience from different cultures and languages.

Kako Band’s music is based on a language, a language not based on words.

Kako Band’s language is the sound. Sound is a shelter for emotions, when words can no longer convey them, words that have lost their virtue after all these years of translation.

Kako Band’s language is the language of souls and bodies. Sounds coming out of bodies without a need for words. It is all signs, but the meaning of the signs are not limited and have endless metaphors. Countless as are the creatures on the earth, maybe!

Researching in the world of signs is a science they say. But sounds are signs, for translation of which science itself is not enough and there needs to be a connection with the history of humankind. A connection that has to be formed in the heart of humans.

Kako Band’s language attempts to connect to mankind’s most ancient and virgin languages, dating back to the era when words were yet to be created. A language whose interpretation happens not by the help of science in the conscious world, but in the unconsciousness of the audience, with regards to his/her level and shape of contact and there no longer is any word to convey meanings.

Kako Band started since 2007 and in the past eleven years, and with the help of these propositions and by overlooking differences among languages, has so far created several music tracks, released in two albums, titled “Invite” and “A new world”.